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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services– Technology that is Always with You

At Technoligent, our Microsoft Dynamic CRM application development experts understand the varied industry verticals that define the contemporary business landscape. They realize the need to provide you with personalized services to cater to your diverse objectives. Our Microsoft Dynamic CRM integration services embed the value of CRM excellence in your business processes. Our detailed and efficient CRM customization services from India touch every aspect of your business functions.

We have today emerged as the providers of Microsoft dynamic CRM in India empowering organizations with matured processes and enhanced productivity.

With a deep understanding of your need to cater to employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors and a gamut of other critical stakeholders our Microsoft CRM solutions from India is carefully developed to include customizations for each of these extended CRM scenarios.

Why Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be with your people wherever they go and whenever they need it. This helps generate real time insights that help in building relevant customer dialogues.
  • A highly intuitive and familiar interface ensures a shorter learning curve and easier user adoption.
  • Microsoft CRM solutions are highly customizable and can be moulded into any business area to cater to your specific needs.

The Technoligent CRM Portfolio

Our Services

At Technoligent we deliver CRM integration services in every functional area of your organization. Our service capabilities cover:

Sales Solutions to help you optimize your sales efforts

  • Customer service solutions to help you build effective and productive customer conversations
  • Marketing solutions that are flexible and easy to use
  • Social Media solutions that help you leverage insights from your social network to enhance business productivity

Your Advantage

With Technoligent’s robust Microsoft Dynamic CRM your advantages multiply. We ensure:

  • An increased time with customers with shorter sales cycles helping you boost sales productivity
  • Insights to help you establish processes that facilitate collaboration and integration to keep your business connected
  • Key insights to discover the hidden potential in your customer profile and identify effective marketing strategies
  • Activity feeds to help you gain meaningful and timely insights on business events and activities and gauge your customer’s feedback on your products, brands and services.

Our Tools

  • Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013 for Plugin Development
  • Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013 for Client Application extension environment
  • Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013 for Workflow Development

Our Expertise

  • Our development expertise have been curated through our extensive experience as a Microsoft Dynamic CRM Solution architect
  • We possess strong understanding of Dynamics CRM, SQL Server RS & AS and Scribe technologies
  • Our team of over 25 expert CRM professionals leverage their expertise in areas like Dynamics CRM API, plugins, JavaScripts, workflows, .NET and C# to enrich every engagement
  • Our repertoire also includes web development skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET

The Technoligent Experience – What we Offer

  • We have achieved 100% success rate in helping organizations optimize their business efficiencies and accelerate their growth.
  • Our experience of over 9 years in Microsoft Dynamic CRM has helped us hone our skills and enriched our processes and methodologies with a significant level of maturity.
  • We provide the complete CRM lifecycle model of Pre-CRM consultancy, Implementation as well as Post CRM maintenance and support
  • We deliver well-researched customization to ensure your products adopt a personalized approach. CRM thrives on this personalization of customer experience that helps to augment the effectiveness of your solutions for individual users.
  • Our CRM integration ensures that you develop customer insights to predict customer behavior and deliver a more proactive experience.
  • Our matured processes deliver solutions that enable you to predict trends and provide a more engaging experience to your customers.

To leverage our technology expertise in Microsoft CRM solutions and empower your business strategies through intelligent, personalized and smarter customer relationships reach us at

Service Highlights

Sustainable business Solutions for enhanced benefits

Leveraging In-depth understanding of Microsoft Technologies to achieve maximum return on Technology investment

Proven Methodologies for offshore and onsite consultations of implementing CRM Integration

Microsoft CRM Technology Updates

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM services has already release the 2015 version which is generously compiled with outlook, online and on premises CRM and SDK. The upcoming version of 2016 is still in progress, been nurtured by the convergence 2016.

What Client’s Say

  • We work together with Technoligent in a mobile Project. It was not easy to develop, but the Team of Technoligent was very professional and we did a perfect solution for the european Sailors. Now we look forward to realise the next Projects together... More

    by Jorg B (Austria)
  • We found a reliable and efficient partner in Technoligent, ready to support our strategy of offshore software development. Technoligent has particularly impressed by the speed of response to any request for the development of software applications and for their maintenance... More

    by Fabio Durso

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