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Telecommunication Software Services for New Age Businesses

Technoligent is one of India’s best telecommunication software companies, developed from the mark by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of strategic thinkers. Our Team pride themselves on new innovation and fast -track implementation. Technoligent is intelligent telecom software Solution Company along with cloud computing services to the worldwide level.

Technoligent delivers a wide-array of customized telecommunication software services such as network management; CRM, ERP, and mobile solutions; and OSS & BSS development. Other telecommunication-centric software services include:

  • Distributed system development, and network topology management services
  • VoIP traffic analytics, and third-party integration facilities
  • Developing e-learning portals and mobile applications, and setting up call centre services

The Technoligent Edge

Our services, or as we like to call it the Technoligent Edge, sets us apart from competitors. We add ineradicable value to our client’s business with emphasis on three core areas:

Cloud Computing

Technoligent helps businesses utilize the power of cloud computing, which helps client implement telecommunication software much faster and in lesser time. Businesses gain easy, location-agnostic access to applications and content, and achieve rapid scalability to meet ever-increasing demands.

Our services also ensure that the utilization of infrastructure investments are optimized, and overall infrastructure, energy, and facility costs are reduced with greater security and protection of information assets.

Tacit Knowledge

Having worked with top global clients, the “unique knowledge” that we possess is invaluable and helps us understand clients better than ever. We leverage our in-house expertise on telecommunication software services to help deliver more in-depth, and need-specific holistic solutions for businesses.

Experience and Expertise

Extensive experience in design, development, and deployment, along with a pool of domain experts allows us to create unique, innovative and cost-effective telecommunication software solutions to clients.

Service Highlights

At Technoligent, we pride ourselves on our on-time and category-leading service offerings. Alongside our efficiency in telecommunication software development, we also offer our expert services in network management such as:

Network Monitoring

communication software development

Network failure detection

communication software

Reporting and statistics

telecom solutions india

Problem Nodes Detection

telecom solutions

Web interface integration

Web interface integration

Write to us at and we’ll get in touch with more details about our service offerings.

Tele Communication Technology Updates

With communication being major hit of all applications, Nexus 2015 strongly believes that the key to communication software development is cultural similarity blended with ability to innovate. Communication software evolved from the basic exchange of files to chat. The recent ones being the possibility of even long distance video calls.

What Client’s Say

  • We work together with Technoligent in a mobile Project. It was not easy to develop, but the Team of Technoligent was very professional and we did a perfect solution for the european Sailors. Now we look forward to realise the next Projects together... More

    by Jorg B (Austria)
  • We found a reliable and efficient partner in Technoligent, ready to support our strategy of offshore software development. Technoligent has particularly impressed by the speed of response to any request for the development of software applications and for their maintenance... More

    by Fabio Durso

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