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Technoligent is top notch AI as service Provider Company that provides customized AI solutions in the form of AI driven website, software or scalable applications for automating business process, reducing complexity at work, empowering business owners with data driven business insights.

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Certified AI as Service Engineers & Consultants

As a reputed AI as service provider, we have dedicated team of Certified AI Specialist, experienced Artificial Intelligence Professional, Azure AI Engineer Associate and professional AI consultants who can design and develop highly scalable, and robust AI solutions that is tailor made for specific business need. Our AI as services development team consist of

  • Microsoft certified artificial intelligence professionals
  • Azure certified AI experts
  • Certified Machine learning and Deep learning specialists
  • Skilled Natural language processing (NLP) associates
  • Professional AI as service consultants
  • Experienced artificial intelligence(AI) developers

Unlocking AI Potential with Artificial Intelligence as Service for Business Growth

In modern times where business owners want to stay ahead in the curve with robust business solutions. Artificial intelligence as service is a professional service that brings innovations in business with the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning for building customized AI powered business solutions.

  • Tailored AI Solutions
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Scalability
  • Access to Expertise
  • Continuous Innovation
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Our AI as Services

Customized AI Chat Bot Development

Customized AI Chat Bot Development

Develop user friendly, informative and customizable AI chatbots for providing customer support, handling online customer’s enquiry for product and services.

Automated Ticketing System

Automated Ticketing System

Handle change request system for development team, provide product information through email response, with proper escalation metrics using automated ticketing system for ensuring effective issue resolution.

Recommendation Integration

AI Driven Product Recommendation Integration

Integrate your ecommerce website with AI driven product recommendation to attract more visitors and displaying relevant product based on their preferences and interest.

Data Augmentation With AI

Data Augmentation With AI

Generating training data with synthetic or modified data points to facilitate datasets for training machine learning models using AI and data augmentation techniques.

Ai Workflow Automation

Ai Workflow Automation

Streamline business process for improving efficiency at work, automate and optimize workflow in business to reduce complexities with AI workflow automation system.

Real Time Data Analysis

Real Time Data Analysis

Generate business reports by collecting data from different data sources, processing them by applying data policies, and analyze it by integrating AI powered data analytics tools.

Elevating Business Intelligence by Partnering with AI as Service Provider

Technoligent is fastest growing AI service provider company that enables business owners to leverage cutting edge AI technology, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, predictive insights and AI powered data analytics that enables them to make informed business decision.

With proper implementation artificial intelligence as service in business process we can enhance user experience, resolve issues with automated ticketing system. AI chat bots can help us in improving customer satisfaction by proving information about product and services.

As a trusted AI service provider we help business owners harness the full potential of artificial intelligence for achieving business goals and reach new height of success in quick time. Using artificial intelligence solutions you can take competitive edge.

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AI as Service can be a Game Changer for Business Growth

With our professional AI experts businesses can be modernized by enhancing AI capabilities and explore the new opportunity in automating workflow in business with the help of robotic process automation, implementation of AI in business IT infrastructure that enables quick and smooth data flow, enables us to make informed decision by giving better business insights with real-time predictive data analysis.

  • Enhanced AI Capabilities
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Optimized IT Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Predictive Data Analysis
  • Seamless Business Insights
  • Scalable and Cost-Effective

Enhancing Business Potential with AI as Services Development Company

Technoligent brings expertise and proficiency in artificial intelligence that has transformative capabilities to enhance business potential. Our certified AI consultants and associate can build cost effective and powerful strategies for AI implementation in business in the form of micro service that improves efficiency, reduce dependency of many power, facilitate business growth by lowering cost of production.

  • AI Expertise
  • Certified AI Consultants
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Reduced Dependency
  • Lower Production Costs
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Driving Data Driven Success with Artificial Intelligence as Service Consulting Partners

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At technoligent, our AI consultants are committed to provide the best artificial intelligence solutions that can drive data driven success. We understand the importance of data for business and its role in formulating cost effective and powerful plans for marketing and sales.

By hiring our certified AI as service engineers and consultants you can have better business insights about performance of the workforce, understand the fluctuating market size using predictive data analysis and ai driven data analytics tools.

As a trusted artificial intelligence as service consulting partners we built strategies for implementing AI in business to reduce complexity, enhance efficiency at work, bring innovation and automate workflow in business to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence.

Join the Futuristic Business Task Force by Partnering with AI as a Service Company

Partner with our reputed AI as a Services company to access cutting-edge AI solutions powered by latest technologies that drive efficiency at work and innovation in your business. We specialize in harnessing artificial intelligence's potential to propel your organization or company forward in highly competitive landscape.

As your trusted AI as a Services partner, we customize AI solutions to specific business needs, working closely with your taskforce to achieve your business goals and objectives. Our professional AI consultants have expertise in AI tools needed to automate processes, enhance customer experiences, and gain valuable insights from your data.

Harness the power of Artificial intelligence by hiring certified AI as service engineers, professional AI consultants and Deep Learning experts who can help you build customized AI solutions that can optimize and automate work flow in business, drive tangible results, provide better business insights so that entrepreneurs can make informed business decision. Our AI experts are expertise in following AI tools and frameworks.

  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK)
  • NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)
  • Apache Spark MLlib
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Apache MXNet
  • IBM Watson
  • OpenAI Gym
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • Caffe
  • Theano
  • Gensim
  • SpaCy