Cyber Security Applications Development Services

Never face another cyber security challenge alone. With our range of top-notch Cyber Security Applications Development Services, you can keep your IT systems safe from malware, viruses, phishing attacks, identity thefts and any other digital harms.


Our Cyber Security Software Services

Providing end-to-end safety to your digital infrastructure with the Cyber Security Software Services
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The possibilities of cyber threats are never-ending. It can be through ransomware, social engineering, malware attacks, or any possible scenario through which a hacker can gain access. So, when the chances of cyberattacks are everywhere, how can you protect yourself?

With a robust Cyber Security Software Services.

At Technoligent, we provide the most comprehensive cyber security solutions to protect your organization from any danger through digital means — cloud, email, web, social media or networks. We provide a broad spectrum of solutions to mitigate a threat and enforce strong protection measures.


Cyber Security Consulting

Understand how vulnerable your IT systems are and how to strengthen your security with our IT security consulting services.


Cyber Security Software Development

Leverage existing cyber security softwares or brand new one Cyber Security Software Development tailored to fit your networks and IT infrastructure.


Cloud Security Solutions

Get transparent protection for your cloud systems, whether private, public or hybrid and enforce high-security communication channels.


Network Penetration Testing

Simulate cyber security threats and attacks, identify possible access areas for hackers, and fortify your system with strong security measures.


Antivirus & Malware Protection

Determine malware attacks before they happen, deploy antivirus programs to get rid of infections, and proactively protect all of your systems.


Web Content Protection

Mitigate the risks of cyber threats online by using an effective filtering system that’ll monitor all activities on the web from all your networks and protect you from malicious sites.

The Cost of Cyber Security Software Development

In a recent study by IBM of 537 real breaches in 17 countries, it was found that the average cost of a data breach is a whopping $3.86 million in 2020. Of that, stolen employee credentials and a cloud that is misconfigured are the primary data breach sources.

It was also found that the average cost ‘per record’ due to a data breach is $146 and for personally identifiable information, the cost per record breached goes to $150.

When we look at it practically, every business has numerous records — cash records, sales records, bank statements, customer information, ledgers and invoices, to say a few. So, the total cost of a breach comes to at least a few thousand dollars, even for a small business.

On the other hand, the cost of cyber security applications or adapting protection solutions is so much lesser. By spending only a small percentage of the total cost of a breach, you get to keep your IT systems safe. And also retain the customers’ trust by keeping their sensitive information protected.

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At Technoligent, we have over 12 years of experience working on Cyber Security Software Services for enterprises, startups and SMBs. We offer competitive rates that are 50% of the industry rates with Cyber Security Software Development that are 80% better than the global standard offerings.

Reach out to our team now to book a free Cyber Security Software Services session with our experts.

Cyber Security Applications

Secure Your Digital Future with Targeted Cyber Security Applications to guard against online threats

Cyber Security Audits

You never know where the threat lurks. Before we enforce cloud security solutions or email security measures, we need to know exactly where our weak points are. To understand that, our specialists conduct ethical hacking where the purpose is to pinpoint the gaps in the security systems and fix them.

  • Email security tools
  • Cloud app security
  • Remote access security
  • Server patching
  • Router and firewall installation
  • User security

Cyber Security Compliances

Various regulatory authorities set the standard for how the data should be collected and maintained. While some of these compliances are mandatory based on the type of data you collect, some are optional to get certified. Businesses try to comply with these optional industry standards to add to their reputation and show their trustworthiness.

  • GDPR
  • ISO
  • FCA
  • EBA
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Defense with Cyber Security Software Development

The IT infrastructure is becoming complex every day with so many intricate networks, applications, tools and integrations to go about. As your IT ecosystem expands, so should your Cyber Security Applications too.

For big enterprises, having a scalable cyber security applications can make the most sense. We offer cyber security software services with cyber security software Development and deployment that are custom-made for your business use cases. We cover all four levels of protection in our cyber security software development:

  • User protection
  • Information protection
  • Protection against threat
  • IT ecosystem protection

Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

We provide fully-managed cyber security applications that starts with assessing your current conditions, gauging the need for new and improved tech security, deploying new measures and conducting regular audits to keep the cyber security applications updated. We offer a customized package as a CSaaS that safeguards your systems, even with new cyber threats coming up.

  • Web application penetration test
  • External network penetration test
  • Internal network penetration test
  • Wireless penetration test
  • Cyber health audits
  • Phishing awareness sessions
  • Update and patching
  • Email security awareness
  • Cyber incident management
  • IT security consulting services
  • Cyber security compliance checks
  • Cyber security assessment