Software Product Engineering Services

Minimize the speed to market, improve your ROI and deliver the best user experience through our customized software product engineering services.

Let’s partner together to develop some innovative models to establish your software product engineering services company in the market.

Product Engineering Services

Our Software Product Engineering Services

Customized solutions across the entire software ecosystem

At Technoligent, we offer services for the entire bandwidth in software product engineering. Right from product ideation to modernization and support, our team works with you to analyze your user expectations and present the appropriate solution to them.

With over a decade of experience developing revolutionary software products across various ecosystems, our team is equipped to make your product the best.


Software Product Strategy

We create a collaborative atmosphere for developing the product strategy between our team and your in-house employees. We can discuss the specifics, build a proof of concept, analyze past experiences and leverage insights from data analytics to develop the best solution,


Product Engineering Consulting

When you need assistance to gain clarity into the direction of your software product engineering or to gain ideas about technologies to include, then our consultants will be there to help out. You can book a free consultation session to get started.


Deployment & Implementation

We have a dedicated team of developers, product managers, designers, engineers and consultants to develop the product based on the roadmap and timeline. We make sure that the product aligns with the user expectations and fortifies your bottom line.


Legacy Product Migration

With the digital revolution taking the world by storm, you can use new technologies to update your legacy product. Our team can migrate your system information and data to the new platform without any loss and modernize the features based on your operational needs.


Software Product Testing

We perform end-to-end testing before we release any product. This includes UI/UX testing, user testing, performance testing, security testing, compatibility testing, interface testing, integration testing, functional testing and a lot more automated & manual testing processes.


Product Maintenance & Support

We have a dedicated team of support executives who will be available 24X7 with any kind of doubts or assistance you’ll need. Our maintenance engineers will perform regular checks and testing to make sure that your platform is up and running as expected.

Modernize Your Software Product Now!

We are one of the expert product engineering companies with immense experience in product development across retail, manufacturing, telecom, education, aerospace and a lot more.

Technoligent’s products help companies to find the right solution to connect with their customers and establish a lasting relationship. We make it possible by being current and developing solutions that your customers need — right now. This is not just true of new products but for legacy products too.

We modernize your product based on the present user expectations and behaviour. We conduct a multidimensional analysis of your domain, your specific product and its ideal customers. We redesign new user interfaces, add new features and migrate to new systems & technologies to update your product to suit your target audience.

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Lead with Innovative Software Product Engineering Solutions

Elevate the user experience with novel ideas that grasp & retain attention

Enhance Your Product for the Nexgen

From developing new frameworks to implementing new technologies, we do what’s required to make your product ready for the coming trend or the rising needs. We design & develop products for various purposes, including:

  • Design automation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Embedded systems
  • Control engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence & machine learning

Software Product Designed to Fit Your spes

spes needs are ever-changing. The products you were using yesterday can no longer feel right for the present conditions. This is why we help to redesign or develop new products from scratch for your spes.

  • Technology guidance
  • Enable system interoperability
  • New tech implementation
  • Interactive feature development
  • Data science models & analytics
  • User-centric app design

The Software Product Engineering Services Company You Need

Technoligent has experts in software product engineering services who have been at the forefront of several breakthrough projects. Our team has made complex concepts simple & challenging ideas approachable.

  • 12+ years of experience in product development.
  • Expertise in new technologies of AI, machine learning & IoT.
  • 60% cost reduction in development & operating costs.
  • Experience in working with 50+ companies from America, Europe, Australia & Asia.
  • 100+ new products released and 200+ products modernized.
  • Agile method of development to keep you looped about the progress.
  • An innovative approach to every project targeted towards your ideal users.

If you’d like to work with our team to make your dream project come true, then reach out to us now.

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Our Approach to Software Product Development

At our product engineering services company, we follow a strategic and flexible framework for every product development. We start with setting the base for the product with assessment and create a roadmap for development and implementation. We take a collaborative and transparent approach where the process of software product engineering goes through multiple defined stages:

  • Project scope
  • Market research
  • Tech feasibility
  • Architecture design
  • Feature selection
  • Functional specification
  • Software Engineering
  • User testing
  • Risk & governance process
  • Project implementation
  • Release planning
  • Documentation
  • Post-release monitoring
  • Software Maintenance