Dynamics CRM Services

Bridge the gap between expected business outcomes and your current processes by making one change — integration of Dynamics 365 CRM Services.

Work with one of the most Dynamics CRM consultants in the industry to manage all your core functions, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Field Service and a lot more.


Empowering Businesses with Dynamics CRM Development

A single step to transform the way you conduct your business with Microsoft CRM services


Improve Business Efficiency

There’s nothing like having a single reliable platform where you can bring all of your business operations together. Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes this possible and further cuts downtime delays and missed errors to improve your business.


Streamline Your Operations

We help you integrate your current systems and processes with Dynamics 365. Our Dynamics CRM services are customized to solve your challenges and enhance productivity across all verticals.


Provide the Best Service

Your customers are the crux of your business and Dynamics CRM is one of the best platforms in the world that can assist you in understanding them. You can get customer info, monitor their responses and satisfaction level to improve your customer service.


Customize As You Need

Right from developing plugins and customizing dashboards, we provide end-to-end Dynamics CRM support services. We help you with everything you need to make the platform your own, including integrations with other apps and data sources.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

With the data collected regularly from the market, you can easily get ahead of your competition by grasping the rising trends in your industry. Our Dynamics CRM experts will help you set up the complete pipeline you need for your future plans.


Personalize Interactions

There are several points of interaction for every business with customers. You can make the best out of them with personalized interactions with the help of the trends and analytics collected from Dynamics CRM.

Dev Partner

Business Intelligence Is Now a Platform Away

Unlike many think, business intelligence isn’t some huge secret that only the big global corporations can achieve. With the right set of tools, customizations and pipelines, you can very well be on the path to business intelligence.

Our Dynamics CRM consultants will help set up knowledge bases, data sources, data management & analytics pipelines and reports personalized to your business goals. This will help you position you much better with all the industry knowledge gathered from multiple sources. By just including our Dynamics 365 CRM services, you’ll now be a BI-driven company.

Our Dynamics CRM Services

A comprehensive pool of solutions designed to get the best out of Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Development & Implementation

Our team has over a decade of experience in developing customized solutions for Dynamics CRM. We’ve worked on projects of all scales and various challenges. Here are some of the solutions we offer for both new and existing projects:

  • Plugin development and integration
  • Customized workflows
  • Data warehousing and reporting
  • Customizing the JavaScript with SDK
  • Customizing existing dashboards
  • Implementing new entities and attributes

Dynamics CRM Support Services

While the Dynamics CRM platform can completely change how you operate, you still need someone to do the housekeeping. This includes checking for issues and resolving them before disrupting the process, migrations, upgrades and making small tweaks as your business grows.

  • Migration from other CRM platforms
  • Administrative access setup
  • Virtual testing & identification of issues
  • Multi-platform support
  • Redesigning the frontend based on new requirements
  • Integrations with SSIS packages

How Do We Approach Each Project?

For every new project of Dynamics CRM development, we follow a flexible process that’s dependant on four main steps:


Base Research

One of our Dynamics CRM consultants will meet to understand your exact expectations, market conditions, project scope, and budget.


System Design

Based on the collected info, we build a functional design of how the system will look. Once it’s approved, we develop the complete system with essential functionalities, workflows and pipelines.



Now comes the testing where we put the project under the microscope and fix every little thing to improve its effectiveness.



Once the project has passed testing, we’ll deploy it to your system with the necessary integrations so that your team can easily start working from day one.

The All-in-One Platform to Meet Your Customer Expectations

Every business has one goal — to meet their customer expectations. But that’s easier said than done with too much competition, dynamic market trends, new technologies and most of all, changing customer expectations. Dynamics CRM provides a simple solution to manage these challenges and serve your customers exactly the way they need.

Our Microsoft CRM services can cater to various aspects of your business and we bring them all together to give you smart insights on your customers that can be trend-setting.

  • Business management
  • Data management
  • Customer interaction workflows
  • Sales pipelines
  • Customer service tracking
  • Instant reporting
  • Resource management
  • Process management & automation
  • Customer data collection & consolidation
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Customer insights management
  • Field service integrations

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