Microsoft CRM development new Windows 10 compatibility updates


Microsoft CRM development new Windows 10 compatibility updates

Fall Dynamics CRM is ready to release in the 2015

Developers are getting themselves ready for upcoming Dynamics CRM Fall releases to get enhanced Windows 10 compatibility for recent Microsoft CRM development. Since August starting, officials have started taking signups for CRM Fall 2015 preview programs for Dynamics CRM, social engagement, and dynamics marketing products.

Developers may get to see the preview programs in September; however, the Fall Wave will be available in the market in the fourth quarter of 2015. It is different from Spring Dynamics Carina, which was available online only. The upcoming CRM update will be both online and on-premises.

Major updates in Fall Dynamics CRM release are-

  • Predictive analytics- Predictive capabilities help developers in determining the best prospects and products automatically.
  • Offline mobile- User can use CRM in offline mode by synchronizing data with the mobile device.
  • Search- Search capabilities introduced in CRM 2015 Spring are smarter and flexible.
  • Outlook- new updates for Microsoft Outlook app and mobile email have been released.
  • Delve/ office graph- Integration with Microsoft’s Delve and technologies of Officr Graph that are now a part of Office 365.

Things that companies should know about Windows 10:

Windows 10 is the latest operating system and developers can take part in the Windows Insider Program to preview its technicalities. The five major features brought by windows 10 to enterprises are-

  • Enterprise ready – Enterprise admins must be happy to hear about recent Windows 10 updates. The latest Windows 10 makes the job of IT managers easier as they can now customize devices and app stores with an ease.
  • Oneness

Windows 10 are compatible to the devices that users are using. IT managers can design and intend an app just once and deploy it across multiple devices, including tabs. In other words, windows 10 has made universal app development simpler for developers.

  • Known interface - Developers can experience familiar interface while using Windows 10, which is quite similar to pre-Windows 8 interface.
  • Enhanced security - Latest security, data protection, and identity features are built into the system.

Windows 10 is a major update and desktop and web apps can benefit from its new features. You can call premium Dynamics CRM Consultants that makes best practices for designing enterprise level applications. Browse them online or just discover them in business directories- entrepreneurs usually register themselves to online directories to get new clients.