AWS Consulting Services

It can feel overwhelming to move your business data and operations to the cloud. But the advantages outweigh the migration process. You can enjoy uninterrupted, seamless, error-free operations with our AWS managed services.

Get the help of the best of the industry’s talent to migrate to AWS Cloud now!

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Our AWS Cloud Services

End-to-end solutions for everything related to AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has over 170 services that compromise fundamental operations like storage and computing to complex solutions for IoT, AI, and ML. For the past 15 years, AWS has become one of the first choices for cloud computing for all types of businesses: starting from startups and SMBs to global corporations.

At Technoligent, we help you make the best out of AWS with our wide range of services designed to cater to the requirements of cloud computing at every stage.

AWS Consulting Services

Every business has a specific need for the cloud. We help you figure out exactly how you can use AWS and guide you through planning an implementation strategy that fits into your budget.

AWS Architecture Services

Based on your requirements, we design the backend architecture of AWS that connects multiple systems and processes and ensures seamless communication. We also help to make changes in the existing AWS architecture.

AWS Migration Services

It can seem daunting to move your system to the cloud, which is why we’re here to take over the migration and help with the complete setup of your new operations with AWS. Once done, you don’t ever have to worry about it again!

AWS Managed Services

There are so many things you need to take care of with AWS: manage threats, resolve issues, make minor tweaks to the infrastructure, update security, etc. We’ll take care of all such regular AWS management tasks.

AWS Cloud Data Management & Analytics

AWS allows you to monitor data, conduct analysis and generate reports. We’ll not only help you set up for AWS Cloud analytics, but we’ll also guide you through establishing the base processes and strategies.

AWS Cloud Automation Solutions

We simplify your business operations by creating a streamlined workflow based on your team or business needs. This way, you can focus on the core tasks while the surrounding repetitive tasks are taken care of.

Perks of Choosing AWS

There are many cloud computing providers in the market. But if you’re wondering why AWS is the right choice, then let’s clear it up once and for all.

Amazon develops AWS and it’s a no-brainer that Amazon always gives their best to deliver the best possible outcome. Apart from the company behind AWS, there are several functional and operational advantages:

  • A single platform to do it all — from storage to analytics and beyond
  • Easy to learn and quickly use, even for people without much tech exposure
  • Economical pricing irrespective of the scale or usage
  • Easy scaling up or down based on your exact needs
  • Highly secure features to protect your information
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Modernizing Business Operations with AWS Cloud Services

AWS solutions for next-gen

Get Value from Data, in No Time

AWS has been one of the key reasons for making data analytics simpler, as it is today. With the dynamic tools and integrated data platforms, you can easily gather business insights that were once far out of reach.

  • Real-time data capture with Amazon Kinesis
  • Data storage and AWS migration services with Amazon S3 and RDS
  • Integration with AWS Glue and Hadoop ecosystem
  • Analyze the data with Amazon Athena
  • Use Elasticsearch for discoverability with Amazon ES
  • Conduct ML/AI analysis with Amazon ML & Sagemaker

Design an Architecture, Just for You

There are thousands and thousands of possibilities of developing architectures with AWS. This is why you need the help of our AWS experts, architects, developers, designers and managers to present the best solution for you.

  • Store data with Amazon Cloud9
  • Implement APIs with Amazon API Gateway
  • Record clicks with Amazon Kinesis & Lambda
  • Store data in Amazon S3
  • Develop custom codes with AWS Codebuild
  • Manage scaling with Amazon DynamoDB

Let’s Make Your Goals Happen!

We have been there — we have been at the stage when you think that there’s a lot more you can do for your business but can’t exactly figure out what it is. This is where our AWS consulting services prove to be the most helpful.

Based on your business goals, preferences, current operations and budget, our consultants will advise you on the best course of action to reach your targets. Not just that, our AWS architects will design a customized solution to make that goal a reality. And implement them into your process. And even go a step ahead to help your team get used to the new way of working.

We specifically design and customize the AWS platform to make it the best version — for you.

Partner with us now to increase your organization’s productivity and performance with our custom AWS cloud services!

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AWS Technologies We Work With

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There are so many technologies in AWS that help you to tackle a particular challenge. By choosing the right AWS tech stack, we can quickly ramp up your productivity and cut down a lot of time wastage in your business operations. During our AWS architecture services, we figure out the right tech stack and AWS technologies needed for your organization to develop a comprehensive and cohesive solution. Here are some of the common AWS technologies we work with:

  • Amazon Elastic Container
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon SES
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon OpWorks

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