Software Automation Testing

Automated QA testing solutions to ramp up your software release, increase test coverage and launch high-quality software.

With our automated testing services, you can authenticate your application’s performance across different devices and platforms and ensure high functionality and user-friendliness.

Software Automation Testing

Software Test Automation Services

Smart and optimized testing for developing safe applications

The right software testing and automation approach are paramount to an application’s success. Some of the best ideas have never failed to launch because of poor QA testing, especially when you have to manually test every single element in your application.

Now automated testing has become the buzzword in the QA circles and has remedied the drawbacks of manual testing. Automated QA testing can sort through the complex data, reduce the testing costs and quicken the time to market.

At Technoligent, we offer various test automation services for our clients.


Automated Functional Testing

We use all possible test cases and scenarios to check your software for any loopholes that disturb its functionalities.


Mobile Test Automation

Mobile apps are on the rise with stiff competition, which is why we make sure that yours offers the best user experience with testing against several mobile versions, OS and sizes.


Web Test Automation

We test your web application against different browsers, platforms and devices to make sure that they have an uniform performance.


Automated Regression Testing

We identify some uneventful mistakes that have happened during the development phase and fix them soon before your software hits the market.


Automated Performance Testing

We test all layers of your application for any elements that pull down performance and suggest ways to solve that.


Automated UI Testing

Your frontend interface matters the most and we test your frontend for any flaws that can disrupt and bring down the user experience.

Our Approach to Automated QA Testing

The process of software testing and automation is so extensive. We start with understanding the software’s functionalities, plan the testing, create test cases for every imaginable scenario, run the tests, collect the reports, make the changes and conduct further tests to observe the performance.

Our software testing team performs all of these tasks for you and gives appropriate feedback to your team to improve the final output. We cover all possible test scripts and allow for quick scalability with our latest automation tools and quick testing process.

If you want to make sure that your software is at its best possible version ever, then work with our expert testing team now.

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Let’s Make the Best Choices for Your Software Testing

A testing plan that suits your software

Choosing the Right Test Framework

Every software testing process requires the right test framework. Why? Because a framework will help to test more efficiently with its sets of rules and best practices. While it isn’t mandatory to do that, a testing framework can do wonders for the output with its established handling methods for storing results, object repositories, external access and so on.

For our software test automation services, we choose from any of these common testing frameworks.

  • Linear automation framework
  • Modular based testing framework
  • Library architecture testing framework
  • Data-driven framework
  • Keyword-driven framework
  • Hybrid testing framework

Choosing the Right Automated Testing Tools

Every automation tool for testing has its specific functionalities. And it’s essential to look at the software, the budget, the features, integration and reusability needed to figure out the best testing tool. We work alongside you to discuss and choose the right automated testing tool with the best access and functionality to point out the bugs.

Our team has expertise in various automated tools, including:

  • Selenium
  • Ranorex
  • Katalon Studio
  • Apache Jmeter
  • SoapUI
  • TestComplete

Get Assurance on Your Software’s Performance

In the recent World Quality Report by Capgemini, companies from various sectors feel that the priority for QA is to contribute to business growth and outcomes. And 67% of the respondents want QA and testing to be ‘a smarter automated process’.

This is exactly what we aim to achieve at Technoligent. We excel at what we do — conduct smarter QA testing with automated tools that bring your application closer to flawless. With our software testing team on your side, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll do everything we can to do away with bugs that hamper the performance.

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Various Types of Our Automated Testing Services

Automated testing shines in the space where manual testing can’t — performance, cost, speed and quality. We provide end-to-end automated testing services for software of any size, industry or functionality. Our testing team is expert in creating various test cases to push the limits of your software and eliminate the bugs that can damage its reputation.

  • Roadmap creation
  • Solution assessment
  • End-to-end customization
  • Application upgradation
  • System migration
  • Third-party integration
  • Shared support
  • Full-cycle implementation
  • Product testing
  • Customized product development
  • Legacy app modernization
  • New tech implementation like AI, ML & IoT