Enterprise Hadoop has set a benchmark of success for multiple industries


Enterprise Hadoop has set a benchmark of success for multiple industries

Hadoop implementation is applied only after the cluster configuration. This helps in highlighting of finding benchmarks and tests for almost fifty queries. This is present in the real world and some of the reasons behind the success of benchmark industries are as follows:


An open road map is improved with the performance if Apache Hive with stinger outline. Next generation processing data drive for interactive and successful in performance that is Apache tea is a data processing unit variable for the next generation.

They are victories queries for engine by enabling interactive data batch and the query engine. Columnar provided compression is the high performance format as ORC file does. They are achieved across queries and analysis of different SQL is present in many types.

  • all 50 queries are total in number and Average speedup is about 52x across speed
  • 100x speedup and many More than it on 6th query out of 50 queries
  • this is normal to change total taken time due to enhanced technology and with hadoop implementations, total time is now decrease to a great extent that is it decrease from 9.3 hours to only about 7.8 hours.
  • on interactive queries with general or Average speedup of 66x


  • I fact table is performed with 1 queries more than 50 queries and these are performed with great intelligence.
  • If we join about 49 queries from 50 then a 6 fact table can be prepared easily.


There are total 50 queries run in the program and deep reporting, queries of data mining and interactive covering are done only with the SQL or hadoop implementations.