Java 9.0 With Best Coding Practices – My Idea of Heaven


Java 9.0 With Best Coding Practices – My Idea of Heaven

Java language was invented by Sun Microsystems with a single objective to give robust programming platform that can help the programmers and enterprises together. Java has an interesting history and a bright future with lots of surprises in store.

Few days’ backs, when I was taking coffee along with my friends, I thought of Java 9.0 and how it can change our lives. Then I decided to plan out info-graphic that clubs important topics generally discussed by experts when talking about the world’s leading programming language.

These are history of featured versions, what will be world after latest JAVA 9.0 update, most popular 3rd party open source Java libraries, top 10 errors by Java programmers, and best practice while coding in Java. Take a quick look and you can conclude itself why Java has become revolutionary name in programming world in last few years.

Java 9.0

Working on Java platform with robust coding techniques is not a rocket science. By simple coding practices and avoiding errors that are usually made by programmers can help in best possible way. In this info-graphics, we have discussed all these topics in details to help Java programmers. Also, there is latest Java 9.0 updates included in info-graphics to make you familiar with latest Java development trends.

How else you can improve your coding style after referring this info-graphic?

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