Latest Improvements in knowledge management Dynamics CRM 2016


Latest Improvements in knowledge management Dynamics CRM 2016

In this post, Microsoft dynamics CRM development experts explain the need of a knowledge article, latest features and enhancements made in knowledge management. You can read more here.

Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM 2016, is bringing new features and improvements over its predecessors.

Today I want to talk a little about the new knowledge base, for which we must mention that it is not an optimization on traditional KB, because the Microsoft team has decided to incorporate a new, parallel to the current, with access through the Interactive Service Hub.

Articles Knowledge Articles (2016) Parature Integration
Traditional CRM articles Supports major and minor versions Only available with CRM Online
Does not support knowledge search Supports knowledge search Supports all Parature capabilities
Limited editing options Supports publishing to external portal Supports knowledge search
No article expiration Delayed publishing Can be surfaced in USD
Limited translation options Supports expiration and archiving  
No custom article life cycles Supports multiple translations  
Limited analytics Analytics  
  Full WYSIWYG Editor  

Note: a big detail, there is currently no migration path from legacy knowledge base to new knowledge articles

Why Do You Want a Knowledge Article?

  • To expose as public facing for self-help
  • To empower CSRs to help customer solve problems
  • Track with CRM records for analytics
Dynamics CRM

The new advanced article editing:

  • Images:
    • 1) Can be located on local or external servers
    • 2) Can be a clickable link
  • Link:
    • 1) Add clickable hyperlinks or email addresses
  • Embed media:
    • 1) Embed videos on your content
  • Source:
    • 1) Open de html source code to embed videos and iframes

Article versioning:

  • Supports major and minor versioning
  • New version contains all content, info and permissions as previous version
    • 1) There is a restriction in order to change de version number, language and article public number in the new version
  • Versions managed from the article
    • 1) You could navigate to “Summary Tab -> Related Information -> Related Versions”
  • Article versions can be published, archived or deleted
    • 1) Only one version can be published at a time
    • 2) You cannot recover a deleted version
Dynamics CRM


  • Available languages are independent from language packs installed
    • 1) o 164 languages out of the box
  • A new version of the article for that language is created
  • Translation is not automatic

You can publish articles individually and publish with the primary language version

Scheduling and Publishing:

  • Can be published now or in the future
  • Can be published now or in the future
  • Published articles can have an expiration date
  • Approved translations can also be publish at the same time
Dynamics CRM

This is the new look and feel of the knowledge articles. As you can see, it looks like the tablet version:

Dynamics CRM

Searching the knowledge base:

  • Search either new CRM Knowledge Articles or Parature KB from CRM entity forms
  • Multi language support
  • Automatic search on Entity Attributes
  • Search as you type
Dynamics CRM

Acting on search results:

  • Read articles inline
  • Pop-out article to separate window
  • Email article external link to customers
  • Link an article to an entity record

In order to enable Knowledge search you need to go to Service Management Settings:

  • Enable entities here, can also enable on entity definition itself
  • Must select either CRM or Parature for the source
    • Can´t have both
Dynamics CRM


  • There are multiple options for knowledge management in CRM 2016
  • Versioning can be used to provide greater flexibility and management
  • Multiple translations can be created for an Article

Hope this article will help you in understanding the improvements made to knowledge management. Feedback for this post is open. You can share your thoughts and let the author know about your doubt (if any), so that it can be resolved soon.

Author biography

Aaron Jacobson is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional and has written many articles related to CRM. This post has covered enhancements in knowledge management. Author has also mentioned the major characteristics and differences in this post. If you did not get any point or have doubts, write directly to the author via comment and wait for the response.