4 Quick Tips for CRM Demos


4 Quick Tips for CRM Demos

You have recently been through a lot of analysis in narrowing down the CRM Software that you think are fitting your need and now is the time for you to finally decide. While a major part of your selection journey is over, the crucial part is yet to come. You have to now sit through the demos that the shortlisted companies offer and you have to answer a million-dollar question: Which is your preferred CRM solution? Or Which one are you going to make use of for your company?

But, thankfully! You have stumbled upon my blog before sitting through those demos and you are now going to be privy to some tips and techniques that I give to my clients who are in the same shoes as you.

4 Quick Tips

1. Do Your Homework

You would have already done a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the CRM solutions or even thought about CRM application development. You would have ruled out the choices where the cons were more than the pros. Now, is your turn to recheck the pros and cons of the narrowed choice one last time? This will prepare you for the demo and enable you to focus on the aspects that in your mind are the negatives of this prospective solution. Another point here is to look through the reviews of the solution provider once again and evaluate them in the light of your requirement so that you know where you are headed and what to expect.

2. Plan Ahead

This is pretty similar to the first tip but different in a lot of ways. The first one was about what you can do before the demo and this one is about what you should ask the demo provider to take care of. Expert demos are personalized with data about your company and how a particular solution will benefit you, but novice demos are a patterned presentation without any personal touch. Ask your demo provider, to customize it according to your company and also see if they can focus on what you want over what they provide in general. Conveying this information to the CRM solution provider will help you make the most out of the demo.

3. Ask Questions

During the demo, you might have questions. The best way is to ask the demonstrator if you should stop him or her in between to get your questions answered or would he or she prefer to answer those at the end of the session. This will allow you to voice opinion and raise queries at the right time. An answer to a simple question might be a determining factor in your selection. Therefore, do not hesitate. This is your opportunity to clarify doubts regarding the homework you did. For example, if you came across a negative review regarding a particular feature, then ask the demonstrator if the issue highlighted in the review really exists.

4. Consider Expertise

If you are not going to work on the CRM Software yourself, make someone from your team accompany you so that the one who will work on it or handle it for your company gets to give you a perspective on what he or she thinks. This expertise will be of use when you have to select the ultimate CRM solution. This is crucial because eventually your team will work on the Software and not you. The ease with which they can adapt the suggested changes is what makes a CRM solution a success.

CRM application development is a thriving business and that is why the demos are provided. This is the company’s last chance to show the best that they have got and your last chance to clarify your doubts. The future success of CRM relies on making the most of this opportunity.

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