Microsoft consulting services - Rebooting the web development world


Microsoft consulting services - Rebooting the web development world

The Microsoft world is full of surprises astonishing developers every time with wonderful updates and releases. It is always exciting to work with newer releases especially when it can help developers in writing better code for improved Microsoft consulting services.

The big news in the store is release of Visual Studio 2015 with some exciting features and capabilities that was not seen earlier. The features are significant improvement for web development world or we can say giving a push to AWS migration services in better way. Visual Studio 2015 is equipped with .net 4.6 framework that is considered as enhancement of previous version. The new version supports HTML editor for better compilation of web code.

Microsoft consulting services

Wait is it the same version about which Microsoft was talking about from so long. If yes, what about the features enhancements that were promised by Microsoft earlier? Does it include MVC6 architecture for better web development and Microsoft consulting services?

Let us have a quick look over features to get an idea on enhancements ...

  • My favorite one is open source. At least now it can work with Linux and Unix operating system
  • Modular .net framework so that it may occupy resources on server to give different deployments side by side.
  • MVC6 is also flying in air and getting good response from users. If you are more focused on web development then you can quickly realize the importance of MVC6 in your apps
  • HTML code will be more clean and robust now. You will get more opportunities to play with web code that was not possible earlier.

The enhancements do not end here. There are lots more surprises for Microsoft consultants and developers for robust programming experience. Once you will start using latest release, you will get to know about these features yourself.

So far, Microsoft consulting services and programming interface is also a good sign for industries. Microsoft is always giving too much love to its technologies and framework that everyone welcomes all enhancements with open arms. Finally we get the answer of all questions nicely. To know more on Microsoft consulting services and its updates, stay tuned with us or contact us right now.