AWS Managed Services

Technoligent utilizes AWS Managed Services for efficient infrastructure management, enabling businesses to concentrate on core operations. With expert support, scalability, and automated monitoring, Technoligent optimizes AWS resources, enhances security, and maximizes uptime.

Leverage Technoligent's cost-effective AWS Managed Services to customize and streamline your infrastructure. Gain access to specialized expertise, seamless resource optimization, and robust security measures while Technoligent manages the intricacies, enabling you to drive business growth.

AWS Managed Service Provider

AWS Management Services

Maximize business Potential with Technoligent's AWS Management Services.

AWS Management Services

Technoligent offers tailored AWS Management Services, handling all aspects of your infrastructure. From provisioning to optimization and security, we ensure optimal performance and cost-efficiency for your AWS environment.

Technoligent offers a comprehensive range of AWS managed cloud services, including AWS managed database, serverless, analytics, container, IoT, workload, support, and deployment services.

At Technoligent, we provide specialized expertise in AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and offer managed security services for all these AWS offerings. Trust Technoligent to ensure your AWS environment's security, performance, and scalability while you focus on driving your business forward.

AWS managed cloud services

Aws Managed Cloud Services

Technoligent provides top-notch AWS Managed Cloud Services, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency for your cloud infrastructure. With our expertise, we handle provisioning, monitoring, security, and optimization, allowing you to focus on your core business.

AWS managed database services

Aws Managed Database Services

At Technoligent, we specialize in AWS Managed Database Services, delivering robust and reliable solutions for your data management needs. With our professional aws expertise, we handle database provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and performance optimization.

AWS managed serverless services

Aws Managed Serverless Services

Technoligent delivers scalable and cost-effective AWS Managed Serverless Services. Our experts handle serverless architecture design, deployment, and monitoring, freeing you to focus on application development without server management concerns. Drive business growth with confidence.

AWS managed analytics services

Aws Managed Analytics Services

Benefit from scalable and cost-effective solutions for data exploration, machine learning, and real-time analytics. Trust Technoligent to maximize the value of your data with AWS Managed Analytics Services, driving business growth and competitive advantage.

AWS managed container services

Aws Managed Container Services

Technoligent specializes in AWS Managed Container Services, delivering scalable and efficient containerized solutions. Our experts handle container orchestration, deployment, and management using AWS services like Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS.

AWS managed IoT services

Aws Managed IOT Services

Technoligent offers all-encompassing AWS Managed IoT Services, empowering enterprises to tap into the Internet of Things (IoT) potential. With our expertise, businesses can fully leverage the power and possibilities IoT technology brings. Our AWS experts handle IoT device management, data ingestion, and analytics, facilitating real-time insights and automation.

AWS managed workload services

Aws Managed Workload Services

Maximize business growth with reliable support and proactive solutions tailored to your requirements. Trust Technoligent to optimize your AWS Managed Workload Services, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

AWS managed deployment services

Aws Managed Deployment Services

Technoligent excels in AWS Managed Deployment Services, streamlining app deployment and management on AWS. Benefit from faster time-to-market, reduced downtime, and optimized resource utilization. Trust Technoligent for seamless AWS Managed Deployment Services, focusing on innovation and business growth.

AWS Airflow Managed Services

Aws Airflow Managed Services

With Technoligent's AWS Airflow Managed Services, streamline and optimize your data workflows. Our experts handle Airflow setup, configuration, and monitoring, ensuring efficient data pipeline orchestration. Benefit from scalable data processing, workflow automation, and seamless integration with AWS services.

AWS managed security services

Aws Managed Security Services

Technoligent offers comprehensive AWS Managed Security Services, safeguarding your AWS environment. Our experts handle security assessments, monitoring, incident response, and compliance, ensuring protection against threats. Benefit from proactive security measures, vulnerability management, and 24/7 monitoring.

AWS Key Management Service

Aws Key Management Service

Technoligent specializes in AWS Key Management Service (KMS), providing secure and robust key management for your AWS resources. At Technoligent, our experts take charge of key creation, rotation, and encryption processes to guarantee the utmost security of your data both at rest and in transit. You can reap the benefits of granular access control, detailed audit trails, and effortless integration with various AWS services.

AWS managed support services

Aws Managed Support Services

At Technoligent, we offer comprehensive AWS Managed Support Services, offering round-the-clock technical assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance. Leave your AWS environment's reliability, security, and performance in the hands of our skilled experts at Technoligent. With our assistance, you can confidently shift your focus to your core business activities, knowing that your AWS infrastructure is in capable hands.

Why Choose Technoligent for AWS Management Services?

Choose Technoligent for exceptional AWS Management Services. Leverage our extensive AWS knowledge and successful track record as we take full responsibility for managing every aspect of your environment, spanning provisioning, optimization, and security. Place your trust in us to extract the maximum value from AWS, ensuring the success and growth of your business.

Our committed team is always on standby, 24/7, to provide prompt support and expertise in troubleshooting, optimizing, and securing your AWS environment. With their unwavering dedication, you can have peace of mind knowing that your AWS infrastructure is in capable hands, ensuring its smooth operation and fortified security at all times. Our proactive approach ensures peak performance, cost-efficiency, and security. Choose us for reliable, top-notch AWS Management Services.

  • Unparalleled support and expertise in AWS Management Services
  • 24/7 availability for prompt assistance and issue resolution
  • Proactive optimization for peak performance, cost-efficiency, and security
  • Deep expertise and proven track record in managing AWS environments
  • Tailored solutions aligned with your unique business needs
Technoligent AWS Management Services

Unleash AWS Cloud Potential with Technoligent's AWS Managed Services

Empowering Your AWS Cloud Journey

Supercharge Your Business Growth with AWS Managed Services

Experience exponential business growth with Technoligent's AWS Managed Services. Our expert team seamlessly integrates the AWS cloud into your infrastructure, unlocking scalability, security, and performance. Focus on innovation while we handle AWS management. Elevate your business with us.

  • Unlock exponential business growth with Technoligent's AWS Managed Services.
  • Seamlessly integrate AWS into your infrastructure for enhanced scalability and performance.
  • Experience heightened security and data protection with our expert management.
  • Shift your focus to innovation while we handle the complexities of AWS management.
  • Supercharge your business growth with our tailored AWS solutions.
  • Drive business forward with cloud power.

Transform Your Business with Expert AWS Management Services

Maximize your business potential with expert AWS management. We optimize infrastructure, enhance security, and control costs for seamless growth. Focus on driving your business while we handle AWS complexities. Leverage the cloud for success with Technoligent.

  • Unlock business potential with expert AWS management.
  • Optimize infrastructure, and maximize performance.
  • Enhance security, and protect data effectively.
  • Streamline costs, and achieve efficiency.
  • Focus on core business, and we handle AWS.
  • Drive innovation, scalability, and business growth.

Seamless Integration & Collaboration with AWS Service Management

Technoligent specializes in seamless AWS service management, ensuring efficient integration. With expertise and collaboration, we tailor comprehensive solutions to align with your business goals and existing infrastructure. Experience a smooth transition and optimize performance with our team of experts.

With our AWS service management solutions, you can seamlessly integrate your applications and AWS services, enabling seamless data flow and enhanced operational efficiency. By utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies, we establish a seamless bridge between your on-premises systems and the cloud. This empowers you to fully leverage the immense capabilities of AWS and unlock its complete potential for your business.

Collaboration is key in our AWS service management approach. By closely working with your team, we identify effective strategies to optimize your AWS environment.

Stakeholders are aligned and involved through communication and teamwork, resulting in seamless integration and collaboration.

Collaboration with AWS Service Management

Our Expertise in AWS Service Management Tools

Technoligent boasts extensive expertise in AWS service management tools, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their AWS environment. With deep knowledge and hands-on experience, our team excels at leveraging powerful tools like AWS CloudFormation, Systems Manager, CloudTrail, and more. We skillfully utilize these tools to streamline infrastructure management, automate operational tasks, monitor resources, and ensure compliance. Count on our expertise to navigate the complexities of AWS service management tools, empowering your business with efficient operations and seamless scalability.

  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS Config
  • AWS Service Catalog
  • AWS Systems Manager Automation
  • AWS Migration Service
  • AWS OpsWorks
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Step Functions
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Consulting Services

FAQs about AWS Managed services

Here are some frequently asked questions about Custom Software Engineering Services. Get top-notch software engineering services for your development projects. Our team of experts offers comprehensive solutions to enhance your software development process and deliver high-quality results on time.

AWS Managed Services (AMS) is a suite of services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offers operational support for managing and maintaining AWS infrastructure and applications. It helps organizations offload the day-to-day operational tasks of managing AWS resources, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Using AWS Managed Services offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduced operational burden: AMS handles routine operational tasks, such as infrastructure provisioning, patching, and monitoring, freeing up your team's time and resources.
  • Improved security and compliance: AMS follows best practices for security and compliance, helping you meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Scalability and performance optimization: AMS optimizes your AWS environment for performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.
  • Proactive monitoring and incident response: AMS provides 24/7 monitoring and incident response to detect and address issues promptly.
  • Cost optimization: AMS helps optimize costs by recommending resource optimization and cost-saving strategies.

AWS Managed Services differs from traditional managed services in several ways:

  • Native AWS integration: AMS is built to manage AWS environments, leveraging native AWS services and best practices.
  • Automation and self-service: AMS uses automation to streamline operational tasks, enabling self-service capabilities and reducing manual effort.
  • Scalability: AMS is designed to handle large-scale AWS environments, accommodating growth and evolving business needs.
  • AWS expertise: AMS provides access to AWS experts with deep knowledge and experience with AWS services and infrastructure management.

AWS Managed Services covers a wide range of AWS services, including but not limited to:

  • Compute services: EC2, ECS, Lambda
  • Storage services: S3, EBS, EFS
  • Database services: RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache
  • Networking services: VPC, ELB, Route 53
  • Security services: IAM, AWS WAF, AWS Secrets Manager
  • Monitoring services: CloudWatch, CloudTrail

AWS Managed Services pricing is based on a combination of factors, including the AWS services used, the size and complexity of your environment, and the level of support required. Pricing can be customized based on your specific needs, and you pay for the AMS services as part of your overall AWS bill.

AWS Managed Services can be customized to fit your business needs. AMS offers flexibility regarding service offerings, configurations, and resource management. AWS experts work with you to understand your requirements and tailor the service to meet your unique needs.

AWS Managed Services ensures security and compliance by implementing various security controls and best practices. This includes managing access controls, encryption, network security, vulnerability scanning, patch management, and security incident response. AMS follows AWS security best practices and helps you meet various compliance requirements.

AWS Managed Services provides 24/7 support to address operational issues and incidents. It offers a dedicated AWS Support team that can be reached through various channels, including phone, email, and chat. The level of support can be customized based on your specific requirements and service agreement.

Yes, you can migrate your existing applications to AWS Managed Services. AMS supports application migration and provides guidance and assistance in the migration process. AWS experts can help you assess your existing applications, create a migration plan, and execute the migration to the managed AWS environment.

To start with AWS Managed Services, you can contact AWS or an AWS Consulting Partner offering AMS. They will guide you through the onboarding process, which includes assessing your environment, designing the architecture, planning the migration, and configuring the managed environment. AWS experts will be available to assist you throughout the process.