Data Intelligence Consulting

Experience a fresh approach to data intelligence with Data Intelligence Consulting and actionable insights that makes your everyday decision-making a lot simpler.


Data Intelligence Consulting: Your Best Asset

Cut through the noise with data-backed intel.

Every business has to make hundreds of decisions every day, be it large or small. And every one of these decisions has the potential to change the direction of growth. Data intelligence has become the sure way of making data-backed decisions with Data Intelligence Consulting for a high possibilities of accuracy. Companies that use analysis make decisions 5x faster. So with data intelligence, you can make easy and quick decisions without any guesswork. And we, at Technoligent, offer a whole bandwidth of solutions, from data intelligence consulting to data platform maintenance.


Full-Cycle Data Analytics

Experience the end-to-end workflow setup for your business operations to simplify data collection, processing and analytics.


Data & AI Strategy

Develop fresh strategies for implementing data models & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve your business performance.


Change Management

Get help for your team to adapt to the new platform, work with the new data models, and put them to maximum use.


Secure Data Share

Ensure highly secure data transmissions between platforms and tools within the limits of compliances.


Visualize Data Insights

Leverage the data visualization tools to project the results of the analysis onto charts and other simple reports to gauge the insights quickly.


Modernize Data Platforms

Outdated data workflows and platforms can cause more harm than good. Let’s update and modernize your data platforms for the current needs.

Data Engineering Services to Derive the Maximum Value

The value of data depends on the combination of process, technology, people and governance. At Technoligent, we follow a structured approach with Data Engineering Services to every data intelligence project:

Assess & Review: Review the current tools and processes and understand the current requirements.

Design a Roadmap: Decide on a roadmap with different steps to do, tools to add and processes to build to reach the end goal.

Develop: With recommendations and a roadmap, we choose the right toolkit to develop the project, test it in your working environments and deploy them.

Measure: Analyze the success of the project with ROI, performance & productivity.

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Our Data Engineering Services

Dig deeper into your data insights.

Data Preparation & Warehousing

Good insights come from good data. This is why we give much importance to Data engineering services for the initial steps of data preparation and warehousing. From collecting the data from multiple sources and verifying the true data, we offer a whole line of data engineering services, including building new data warehouse infrastructure and integrations.

  • Extract data
  • Transform data
  • Merge from multiple sources
  • Aggregate the data
  • Enhance & load to data warehouses
  • Implement RDBMS or specialized database

Data Engineering Consulting

When you have the required set of data ready, you need Data Engineering Consulting services to implement the right data science models and algorithms to extract information of value. Our data analysts, experts and Data Engineering Consulting services can develop new algorithms based on your requirements and apply them to various use cases. We also design simple-to-use reporting tools and visualizations for easy understanding of the insights.

  • Predictive analysis
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Preventive analysis
  • Integration with visualization tools
  • Develop extensions with R Code or any other of your choice
  • Interactive charting

Bespoken Data Engineering Consulting Services

You can find data in any operation. But the key lies in how you put them to use. Data Engineering Consulting Services help for a certain challenges in data analytics like timely insights, factual data, data point connections and a lot more.

Our Data Engineering Consulting Services experts will guide you through creating the perfect workflow and data models to gather intelligence for your business. We understand your business needs and your current data platforms to suggest the best solution.

The ride to your data intelligence starts with our Data Engineering Consulting sessions.

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Become a Data-Driven Company Today

Jumping between multiple applications can take a toll on performance, not to mention affecting the final output. You can improve the entire process by streamlining the data operations from collecting the raw data to visualizing the insights. This will help to speed up your process and derive value from data at the right time.

  • Data virtualization
  • Data streaming
  • Data visualization
  • ETL pipelines
  • Data science models
  • Social media listening
  • Data lake
  • Embedded analytics
  • Business Intelligence Platform
  • Data process optimization
  • Reporting tools
  • Centralized dashboarding