Top 5 Features of AWS Managed Services


Amazon managed services are the most demanded service for business growth by automation, improving security and performance. AWS is a subordinate company of Amazon that offers a wide range of IT web services and solutions including cloud services, cloud security, building IT infrastructure, and cloud computation.

Many tools come with built-in features in AWS managed services. By using these tools we can perform the specific task for which is designed. For example, for managing virtual cloud platforms there is Amazon EMR, Amazon redshift, and EC2. However, for managing the AWS cloud we have amazon glacier, SQS, SES, and Elastic Beanstalk.

The list of AWS managed services is huge however they can be subdivided or grouped into 3 basic categories based on their applications namely Deployment and management services, Application services, and foundation services. Let us understand the top 5 features of AWS managed services.

  1. Flexibility : AWS managed services offers us to choose programming models, languages, and operating system which is best for the project. Traditional models require a large investment in new infrastructure, programming languages, and operating systems. Hence AWS is more flexible as it provides plenty of tools and applications with built-in features for accomplishing the desired task.
  2. Cost-effective : The migration of the services can be done effectively using AWS migration services. It takes a few minutes and can be operated with a few clicks. AWS allows us to build intellectual IT infrastructure with a powerful cloud strategy in cost-effective ways. Not only this we can use the resources, applications, and tools available in AWS-managed services to reap maximum benefits by scaling up or scaling down the organization's IT infrastructure as per industry needs.
  3. Scalable and elastic : AWS cloud services are fast and secure for uploading files or company resources. When the demand increases we can scale up and when it decreases we can scale down anytime using AWS managed services. That is why AWS managed services is scalable for the organization of any size. This feature of AWS managed services gives business owners the ability to change or adapt their organization It infrastructure with ease.
  4. Secure : AWS security key management allows us to generate security key pairs that comply with the FIPS 140-2. Using this feature we can monitor and observe the usage of the key using key logs. In this way, we can secure the AWS cloud account and the data stored on the AWS cloud servers. It maintains confidentiality by keeping the cloud resources private with secure authentication. Since the data stored on the AWS cloud is stored in multiple data centers hence even if one data center fails to operate, we can still access the resources on the cloud from other data centers.
  5. Excellent support system : AWS certifies and authorizes partners for providing AWS consulting services. These authorized partners have proficient teams who are trained in offering technical assistance for cloud migration, cloud setup, and cloud account file management. Not only they can help us with technical support but can also help us build effective and powerful cloud strategies for business for quick business growth.

AWS managed services allow us to manage workflows in the organization by building robust IT infrastructure, reducing complexity by providing a single portal for migration to the AWS cloud platform, and securing cloud resources using AWS key management tools.

We can manage the database on AWS cloud servers securely, and compute storage effectively. There are technical as well as marketing benefits to using AWS managed services. AWS allows private blogging platforms for company listing that can help in gaining trust and market value.

Using AWS reporting tools we can handle the challenges of the market fluctuations, and trends. It allows us to scale up or scale down the organization's IT infrastructure easily as per the industry demands.

In case we need any technical assistance in cloud account set up or migration to AWS cloud we can seek help from AWS cloud consultants as well. The most significant feature of the AWS managed service is its cost-effectiveness solutions for managing cloud storage and database, migration of applications and software with zero downtime or hampering business and automate business processes with proper guidance and support.

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